Email address, phone number, address are given to us voluntarily when accessing our website, visiting our shop or by visiting our Social Media platforms.

Customers leaving an email address or contact number have given us their consent to hold this information for updates, further information or to keep in touch in case there is a problem with the order on the day of collection. These details are deleted once the order has been fulfilled.

Customers leaving an order via our contact us page, order request form or Social Media will be asked to give their consent when leaving their contact details in the knowledge that these details are deleted once the order has been fulfilled.

Customers have given their consent for us to keep their contact number and email address so that we can keep in touch with them regarding any orders they may have with us. We sometimes require a home address for our delivery service.

Regular suppliers and contractors contact details are held at their request so that we can contact them if required.

We do not pass any personal phone numbers or email addresses onto a third party.

We do not participate in any direct marketing i.e. Mailshots, newsletters. We no longer hold any details for a mailing list (Mail Chimp) as this account has now been deleted.

Our website is securely protected. Email access is only available to admin and is also password protected.

Card Payments- we are PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant.